Saturday, February 4, 2012

Organizer vs. Designer

Here is the link to a blog that was published in the Washington Post's online blog this past Wednesday.  It discusses how to figure out whether you need a designer or an organizer.  I was honored when Washington Post reporter Teri Sapienza contacted me regarding this issue.  Do you feel you need an Organizer? A Designer?  Or both?  Let me know which one you need at your home.  Hope you enjoy the blog!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sweeping Color

Remember your high school art class?  Do you remember learning about how the eye sweeps over a page in a magazine? The eye sweeps from top around and back up.  This is true for designing a room as well.  When you walk into a room, you will focus on a single wall.  Perhaps the focal point is the art, and what is below this art?  Try to use the Sweep of Color to pull your eye down from the art onto something below it, and then back up again.  Very appealing.  Your eyes will love it.

Whe you see some designers' work in the magazines, you can almost tell what the starting point was for that room.  Was it the artwork? Or a piece of fabric? These rooms most definitely started with the artwork as a focal point.

The above room absolutely started with the large piece of art on the wall. The eye is drawn downward to the furry pillows, soothing sofa fabric and light blue walls, then back up again to focus for a longer period on the art.

This light, contemporary piece of art ties in with the mantel below, and then continued throughout the space with grays and light yellows. Fab.

 The same theory works for fabrics, finishes...anything.  The picture above has the beautiful blue drapes. The eye sweeps over them and down onto the sofa pillows.  Same effect with panel drapes.