Sunday, September 28, 2014

Houndstooth to Perfection

Houndstooth to Perfection

Finally, let's take a look at some beautiful rooms that use houndstooth to perfection. They show that it can be lovely either in small doses or as the main attraction; it can be tasteful, modern, and really fun. Houndstooth can work for any style, anywhere!

The first room is just really a showroom...look at the end table in front of the chest of's just showing off the furniture pieces together.  However, the space is light and feminine - notice the light gray and white combination of the pillow. It works with the bright colors and even the floral print pillow. They don't compete for attention, they complement each other, which is exactly how it should work.

This room is classic and would work in any home. Look at the chevron pillows!! Our patterns are coming together!

This room is just fun. And as you know, you can never go wrong with a sunburst mirror (or two)!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Designer Pick of the Day - Houndstooth 2

Designer Pick of the Day

Here are some more examples of wonderful houndstooth options! The bright red of this pillow and blanket combination give them a modern feel; they would be a fun addition to any sitting room.

Because this chair combines two shades of blue the pattern is muted, making it easier to fit into a space with other patterns or colors.

Wanting to go a little bit bigger? Try a rug, like this one, paired with large neutral pieces and bright accents!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Designer Pick of the Day - A Dash of Houndstooth

Designer Pick of the Day

Houndstooth is a classic pattern that is making a major comeback, for everything from rugs to wallpaper. It can be really fun and fresh, especially when used in a fun color like these fabulous ottomans, or when used on larger areas in a neutral with a bit of sheen (see upcoming posts for more on that!). It also pairs easily with other patterns, which is great for those of you getting a little more adventurous. Try matching throw pillows on a chair or couch to start!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Designer Pick of the Day - Great Room!

Designer Pick of the Day

Look at this beautiful, bright room!! There are small patterns sprinkled throughout, like the chevron ottoman and throw pillow, that give the room life and visual interest. As the eye sweeps around the room, it picks up and delights in these small details. You know the saying good things come in small packages? That certainly seems to be the case with the smaller but lovely patterned pieces that are big right now. In focusing pattern in small pieces, the process of bringing pattern to a space is much less overwhelming.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Designer Pick of the Day - Chevron 2

Designer Pick of the Day

Take a look now at this fun mirror, a similar chevron to the throws we looked at in the last post. The blue and white works beautifully with the silver accents and acts as a focal point for the wall. Mirrors are great for bringing a feeling of space and lightness into a room and a patterned mirror like this one adds visual interest without overpowering the other elements. This is also a great example of mixing patterns - the subtle pattern of the silver stool complements the mirror and continues the visual interest from top to bottom.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Designer Pick of the Day - Let's Talk Patterns

Designer Pick of the Day

Ever felt overwhelmed by choosing and using patterns? You're not alone! It can be hard to put a pattern you like into a room and make it look cohesive, or know where to start when picking a pattern to spruce up a space. For the next set of posts, we'll be exploring some ways to make using and pairing patterns fun instead of a hassle.

Check out this alpaca throw, or this fun and casual one!! On top of being a fun chevron pattern, these are probably super comfy and would be perfect across a living room couch or at the bottom of a bed. Small, moveable patterned pieces such as these are a great way to start working on a space.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Family Villa

via Dering Hall

We just HAD to share the pictures from this villa...

Interior design firm Katharine Pooley Limited re-designed this private villa in Qatar for a young family. Exquisite attention to detail can be seen in all areas of the design, which is expected from Katharine Pooley Limited. Take a look around this beautiful home.

Susan Chancey of Lost and Foundry

Susan Chancey, a college friend of mine and wonderfully talented stylist, recently had her home photographed by Country Living. The final shots were incredible. 

Four years ago, Susan and her husband, Guy, moved from Birmingham, AL to Asheville, NC to build a life and created a new home. Susan and Guy fell in love with a 1913 two-story cedar shaker bungalow. The first floor of the nearly century-old house had been beautifully restored, but the upstairs remained a mystery.

Susan's home is only a taste of what her shop, Lost and Foundry, offers. Blending vintage, industrial, and organic elements, this style is definitely one to take note on.


Susan and Guy Chancey, with Jellybean Bonanza (left) and Rusty Clyde

Check out Susan's store, and if you go to Asheville, stop by!

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Perfect Guestroom - Is Yours Ready?

How to Create the Perfect Guestroom

Ever wondered if your guestroom is up to the task of being that perfect guestroom for your guests?  Ever really thought about it? 

A guestroom should include more than just the folded bath towels and pretty bedspreads.  What makes the best guestroom?  Make sure yours is top notch with these helpful hints:

1.    Mirror Mirror - Make sure there is a mirror not only in the guest bathroom but in the guestroom as well.  I always recommend a mirror in every room in a house, but it is imperative to give your guests that additional mirror to view themselves before they come down for breakfast.


2.    Additional Blankets and Pillows - This is a them in the guest closet and ensure they are clean and dust free before guests arrive.

Kristen Cone Interiors

3.    Lots of lighting - Is there enough light for guests at night?  Bedside lamps, a floor overhead lamp...all necessary for every type of guest.  Ambient lighting allows the guest to control lighting in their room.

bedroom designed by modern boulder architect Harvey Hine
Harvey M Hine Architecture and Interiors

4.    Somewhere to place their the floor!  Do you have a pretty luggage rack? A trunk or something else on which to place the guests' luggage?  Get one.  Or two.

Meg Adams Interior Design

5.    Tissues - Yes, even a tissue box in the guestroom...not just one in the bathroom! 

Harvey M Hine Architecture and Interiors

6.    Trash Can - Again, there must be one in the guestroom AND in the bathroom.  You have to remember that many times there might be a couple staying in your guestroom and while one is in the bathroom one might be in the bedroom... they both need tissues, a trash can, etc.


7.    My mother provides the consummate guestrooms for her guests... She remembers even to have a small clock located somewhere in the room.  Make it a pretty one.

... and if you don't have a clock tower out your window like the Trump Tower guestroom above, make it a pretty little clock, like this Waterford one below...


8.    My cousin is also an amazing hostess, and I will never forget staying with her a few years ago in their beautiful guestroom.  She included Aveda shampoo and conditioner in the shower, new toothbrushes in the bathroom vanity drawer...even new toothpaste.  But the one thing beyond that which was so memorable was that she provided little local packaged snacks on the bedside table.  Little snacks!!  Organic nuts, berries and chocolates...  How fun is that??  WHO would think of that?  You should do this too.

9.    Water glasses - Clean water glasses with small bottles of water are perfect for people at night.  Place them on a silver tray.  Such a fun touch!

10.    A Lounge Chair - You MUST have a chair...somewhere to place belongings.  If you do not have space for a lounge chair, at least a small chair.  Sometimes smaller chairs are quite charming.

11.    The last and most important thing to do.... Actually STAY in your own guestroom.  Stay there overnight.  Pretend you are somewhere else.  See what your guestroom is lacking, if anything.  Then add it.

Voila, Welcome Guests!!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Carved Wood Side Table

Designer Pick of the Day

Always have loved this piece.  Have used it in several clients' family rooms...So Perfect So Often.

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Designer Pick of the Day - Arteriors Wooden Barstools

Designer Pick of the Day

I used these in a recently published home at their kitchen counter.  They are perfect...a mixture of old farmhouse mixed with industrial contemporary... Perfect in just the right application...

Arteriors Wooden Barstools


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