Thursday, January 2, 2014

Get Organized This Year!!

Get Organized This Year!

This is my newly organized closet.  Beautiful, huh?
Okay it's actually not....Not My Closet.   I'm not going to show you my closet...that's a little too private. 

But it's that time of year when we all make our New Year's Resolutions to do this and that including be more organized.  And what better place to start than your closet?  Your bedroom closet is your's where you go to start the day.  It's where you get that new day feeling of "Ahh I am so amazing and organized" or ... "OMG when will I learn to clean up my stuff??".

Paul Hammerness recently wrote a book called Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life.  He is apparently one of the most efficient men on earth.  He does more with a day than I can do with a month.  He is so successful and efficient that he was asked to write a book about it.  So he did.  And I will spare you reading the entire thing by just telling you the only bit of news you need to know...


He does not change one thing in his morning routine.  It is The.Exact.Same.Every.Day.  And it works!  Part of this sameness is his closet... It is organized.  So he knows where to find everything to pull out and wear every morning.  There is no thinking or energy required at all...He reserves all energy for the rest of his day.

So how should YOU get started on this same-ness every morning so you can be energetic, successful and organized just like him? 

1.  Baby steps.  But first simply take stock of your closet.  Throw out items of clothing you haven't needed or used in the last two years (we will give you two years here to start steps).

2.  Organizing Systems - If you can't afford a personal organizer or a new closet from California Closets or something similar, then consider the Container Store's Elfa System... THEY ARE ABOUT TO HAVE THEIR ANNUAL HUGE SALE ON THE ELFA SYSTEM.  You can either walk into one of their stores for help or you can do it all remotely with their help.  Either way will warrant you a win-win situation in which your closet becomes all that you ever wanted it to be.


3.   Clean the Floor!  -- Try removing most everything off the floor of your closet so that you can vacuum.  Seriously.  This will feel better immediately...Clean floor means cleaner closet.  Then carefully place items back on the floor that have nowhere else to go.


4.   Hire A Personal Organizer or Interior Designer.   If you have the funds, hire a designer or an organizer.  I have had clients ask me to help out with their closets numerous times.  Sometimes we literally take all or part of an additional unused bedroom and turn it into a closet...we move around some walls or add a wall or create a door directly from their bedroom into this other room and create a large walk in closet.  And they love it!

5.  Just start.  Take an hour this weekend and Do It.  Many of my clients are amazed at how much they can actually get done in an hour in their closet... They think it will take an entire weekend and, thus, they put it off.  Just schedule an hour.  It's just a closet, for goodness sake.  You CAN do more in there than you think.

Then take a look at these dreamy closets and dream dream about how perfectly organized your closet / life could be.  It all starts this weekend!!