Thursday, October 31, 2013

Designer Pick of the Day - Wooden Bowls

Designer Pick of the Day

Starting to think about those holiday gifts??  Really?? Already?  But it doesn't hurt to just take a look...

Wooden Salad Bowl, 7" Set of 2, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Summer Party, Salad Bowl

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

On Sale - Etched Pumpkins

Designer Pick of the Day

Etched Pumpkins

These are on sale at Pottery Barn... You can use them for your Thanksgiving d├ęcor and then put them away until next year...and they are a great deal now at Pottery Barn!

Look how nice they are in your family room... what a great accessory!

Find them here:

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Before and After in McLean, Virginia

Before and After in McLean, Virginia with Margery Wedderburn Interiors, LLC

We just love these Before and After stories.  This family room had a rather dramatic makeover while keeping the main features and staying within budget.  As you can see, the room was extremely dated, and the young couple that bought the home was just stumped at how to change it out.  They visited similar homes in the neighbourhood looking for ideas but just couldn't find what they wanted.

These dens are tough because unless you want to change out the fireplace area, which is one of the main focal points, you are hard pressed to figure out some alternatives.

This is the Before...Very dated

 We had clear goals in mind:

  1. Make the room look less "wind tunnel" - ish!
  2. Make the ceilings look higher.
  3. Bring the style into this century!
  4. Change out some detailing at the fireplace
  5. Add the electrical behind the walls to allow for a large screen TV on the wall
  6. Work with the existing rug.


...And we wanted to get rid of the panelling!!

So here are some intermediary shots below... We removed the dated panelling, added drywall, painted it a nice Matchstick color from Farrow and Ball.  We got rid of the popcorn ceiling and added recessed light fixtures, added sconces on the long wall.  We prepped the wall for the TV...We got rid of the existing fireplace shelf and added a new, more proportionately correct shelf...


We added this great light fixture and some wall panelling details to balance out that fireplace wall... Then we completely painted the bookshelves with the light blue and white detailing ...
We added box trim detailing on the fireplace wall to break up the length of the wall and add interest. sectional, new chairs, new TV entertainment unit, new coffee table, new chandelier, new mirror, and new tall bookcases flanking the fireplace.  In this picture below there is only one, as one arrived damaged but was quickly replaced.
And we are still not quite finished...there is a new coffee table arriving, and one more tall bookcase for the fireplace wall plus a sofa table and artwork.  Stay tuned to see the final room design in future blogs!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Outdoor Living Spaces

Kimberly is a Senior Designer who works with Margery Wedderburn Interiors...She wrote this blog awhile back and I am finally sending it out into the blog world!

Outdoor Living Spaces

My husband & I want to add a deck to our house. We have lived in our house for over a year, and can not believe we still haven't had the deck put on yet! Here's a picture of how it looks today with the doors barricaded closed (we'd love to have direct access to our playground, instead of going all around the house!):

What's stopping us (besides the huge expense)?

Decisions! There are so many options and features to consider! Real wood vs. Trex engineered materials, railing designs, staircase(s), outdoor kitchen, screened in porch areas, Fireplaces. I have been gathering images of decks I like the look of and what I think will go well with our French Country style house. Here's how I dream it could look:

photo credit: Lewis Aquatech,

The limestone, the iron railings, the beautiful hardscape with lighting along with the guitar shaped pool my husband would love! That is not in the budget today. So we will phase our project. Back to reality. First phase is just the deck. 

So here are some more realistic designs to consider:
The radius design creates wonderful multi-level areas separating a living room seating area from a fire pit gathering space. Trex is a great option for material because it is maintenance free and environmentally friendly. It is manufactured from recycled materials. They have a great website ( full of information on how "green" the company strives to be.
According to the website, 3.1 billion recycled grocery bags were collected for use to manufacture Trex products in 2010. That's is something to appreciate while sipping on a glass of chardonnay on my new deck.

If we kept with the materials already used in our house, we would have a design with stone and brick, the following is a great inspiration image. I loved the covered porch with ceiling fan. The stone archways are beautiful and really give the overall house design solid visual balance.

Recently I sat down with a local landscaping firm to discuss our project. They had lots of great ideas and designs. My favorite has a double level outdoor fireplace, outdoor kitchen, and a porch area with automatic screens that can be lifted or lowered with the touch of a button!
Here's a close up of the beautiful wood deck.

Something else to consider is whether the underneath of the deck is completely finished to be weather-proofed. This is a pricey option but allows for the space underneath the deck to be used as an all year round patio area. A big trend now is to have outdoor TV's installed.
I know my kids would like that, but I think it defeats the purpose of enjoying the outdoors! No matter what we end up building, I will appreciate the beautiful peaceful setting of my backyard.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Vienna PR Before/After

Margery Wedderburn Interiors, LLC

Designer Style:  Before and After

We start our new Before and After Series with a small powder room...  We will bring you various Before and After shots over the next few months, just for fun.  Many readers and clients love to see these!!

Quick shots of a "Before and After" that we designed a few years ago.  This outdated powder room needed a complete makeover.  We changed out the wallpaper to a beautiful Schumacher toile, replaced the vanity and added granite with an under mount sink.  Then we added the fun faucet from Kohler.  The framed gilt-edge mirror completes the space and takes up the entire wall above the vanity, which makes the small powder room seem much larger.

Voila, happy clients; updated beautiful powder room!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Designer Pick of the Day - Owl Umbrella Stand

Designer Pick of the Day

It's the week of the owls here at ...And Home Style, and we want to show you our latest find.  Owls are hugely popular right now, so if they appeal to you, take a look at this fun umbrella stand we found!

Owl Umbrella Stand

Ceramic Owl Umbrella Stand with green background

Monday, October 14, 2013

"The Look" Living Room and an Axis side table

Designer Pick of the Day

We continue our "The Look" series with this dynamic side table.  We have two of these to show you over the next few days...two from which to choose for that look in your Living Room...casual and definitely not boring!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Designer Pick of the Day - light blue bridget kilim rug 5x8

Designer Pick of the Day

Area Rug for "The Look" Living Room

I love love this area rug.  It is so stylish, fun and hip...You can place this in a Living Room, a Den...Just about anywhere that suits your fancy.

For more information about it, click on the rug name below:

light blue bridget kilim rug 5x8

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kensey Small Abstract Iron Mirror

Designer Pick of the Day

Part II of "The Look" ... 

Remember this Living Room "Look" from the other day?  We showed you a similar style chair and now, voila, here is the mirror.  You can get this "Look" for your Living Room... See below...

Here it is, the mirror to go with the Living Room "Look"

Kensey Small Abstract Iron Mirror

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Paramount Medium Sofa - Pebble

Designer Pick of the Day

We are continuing our series on The Look...Living Room...

Here is a similar sofa.  Like it?  See below...

"The Look" Part III. Similar Sofas on the market now....

Paramount Medium Sofa - Pebble

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Margery Wedderburn Interiors is the Featured Designer of Home & Design Magazine!

From the Home page of Home & Design Magazine today....

We are honoured to be selected today as the Featured Designer" of Home & Design Magazine's website.  Please follow the link to see more:

Designer Pick of the Day - Danforth Chestnut Quilted Top Grain/Wood Chair

Designer Pick of the Day

Yesterday we showed you a Living Room with pizzazz, and now we will show you some similar items to go in that space.  Check out this looked great in that Living Room from yesterday...

I love this chair.  I can picture it with so many great spaces. 

Danforth Chestnut Quilted Top Grain/Wood Chair

Monday, October 7, 2013

Designer Pick of the Day - "The Look" - The Living Room

Designer Pick of the Day

Cool Ideas for Your Favorite Space...

Want to get this kind of look in your home?  Wait in the upcoming days for more information on each of the pieces -- or similar styles -- shown here.

Stay tuned .......

Living Room

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mirror Mirror ...

This blog was published a few years ago and several people have asked if we could put it out there again...

Mirror Mirrors...Sunburst mirrors on the wall.  I read a critique from a Post reader on a Washington Post blog recently that every designer was doing sunburst mirrors and couldn't the designers be more creative?  Well, no.  There is a reason designers are using these babies.  They are dynamic, glamorous, and a mixture of art and decoration.  They complete a room that is begging for a bit of energy. 

This Sunburst mirror has been around a very long time...These gems date back to at least our good friend Louis XIV.  The story goes that Louis, known as the "Sun King" liked to look into a sunburst mirror when he awoke every morning and gaze at the sun rays radiating from his head.

Versailles Style Mirror

More recently, Albert Hadley gave his take on this mirror when he designed a tapered wood convex mirror which gave a nod to Louis XVI while seeking the cleaner, more contemporary possibilities. Dynamic!

Albert Hadley Mirror
Currently you can find this mirror on

I thought the most perfect sunburst mirror in the world was Baker Furniture's mirror (below)

Baker Furniture Sunburst Mirror

.... until I saw Thomas Pheasant's Constellation Starburst Mirror (below). When I used  Tom's mirror in a showhouse back in 2003, it was tough to professionally photograph the room, as the photographer was literally reflected in not only the convex part of the mirror but in every one of those little satellite mirrors too!!  Poor photographer...nowhere to hide!!

Thomas Pheasant Starburst Mirror for Baker
Back focusing again on these mirrors...
Look at them in numerous rooms.  You can see why they never go out of style, but just find new ways to stick around.  Even Target has their own "take" on this mirror now.

and finally, the most dynamic one...

For your home, place a sunburst mirrors on a big wall above a tub, over a sofa, above a chest of drawers, or above a bed.  You will be pleased with the result.

Upcoming Blog:  Ways to accessorize with these mirrors ...