Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mirror Mirror ...

This blog was published a few years ago and several people have asked if we could put it out there again...

Mirror Mirrors...Sunburst mirrors on the wall.  I read a critique from a Post reader on a Washington Post blog recently that every designer was doing sunburst mirrors and couldn't the designers be more creative?  Well, no.  There is a reason designers are using these babies.  They are dynamic, glamorous, and a mixture of art and decoration.  They complete a room that is begging for a bit of energy. 

This Sunburst mirror has been around a very long time...These gems date back to at least our good friend Louis XIV.  The story goes that Louis, known as the "Sun King" liked to look into a sunburst mirror when he awoke every morning and gaze at the sun rays radiating from his head.

Versailles Style Mirror

More recently, Albert Hadley gave his take on this mirror when he designed a tapered wood convex mirror which gave a nod to Louis XVI while seeking the cleaner, more contemporary possibilities. Dynamic!

Albert Hadley Mirror
Currently you can find this mirror on

I thought the most perfect sunburst mirror in the world was Baker Furniture's mirror (below)

Baker Furniture Sunburst Mirror

.... until I saw Thomas Pheasant's Constellation Starburst Mirror (below). When I used  Tom's mirror in a showhouse back in 2003, it was tough to professionally photograph the room, as the photographer was literally reflected in not only the convex part of the mirror but in every one of those little satellite mirrors too!!  Poor photographer...nowhere to hide!!

Thomas Pheasant Starburst Mirror for Baker
Back focusing again on these mirrors...
Look at them in numerous rooms.  You can see why they never go out of style, but just find new ways to stick around.  Even Target has their own "take" on this mirror now.

and finally, the most dynamic one...

For your home, place a sunburst mirrors on a big wall above a tub, over a sofa, above a chest of drawers, or above a bed.  You will be pleased with the result.

Upcoming Blog:  Ways to accessorize with these mirrors ...

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