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DC Design House - Butler's Pantry Design Updates

Butler's Pantry
DC Design House - Updates

So once we had seen the space, measured and taken pictures of the Butler's Pantry, we were ready to begin thinking about what we might want to do in there.  Immediately my thought was to use greens and blues, which (I now realize) is completely consistent with what a lot of other designers are thinking about the house.  The thing is, the stonework is so beautiful and almost sets the tone for what one wants to do with the space.

As crazy as it might sound, houses and spaces "speak" to designers, and we tend to have this immediate sense about what we want to do with a space.  Whether it is a given natural talent or a developed one, most designers just get these feelings about spaces and go with them.  That was certainly the case for me with this space.  I knew what I wanted to do and it was just a matter of finding the things that were already in my head.  And sometimes that is actually the bigger challenge...finding the things that are already in our heads!!

I wanted to find a wallpaper for the walls.  Not something too busy or crazy, because the space didn't need to become all about the wallpaper, but the room needed some movement and some fun.  Basically a Butler's Pantry should be fun.   I want to show you some really wonderful Butler's Pantries just to give you a feel for what is already out there and what you can do with a Butler's Pantry.  I went onto which is the perfect place for ideas.  Here are some of the Butler's Pantries I found on there:

DeGraw and Dehann - from
I love how clean this butler's pantry looks, with the dark wood floors and the view into the dining room.  Lovely.

Gast Architects, from
I love how organized this pantry seems above, from Gast Architects.  Love the drawer pulls and the granite countertops.  It feels casual and comfortable and yet so very organized.
Hendell Homes, from
 The pantry above reminds me of those Italian drugstores... something very old world about it, and it is really nice.  And I love these glass cabinets in the foreground with the glass shelves.  You can display so much here.

Highland Homes, from
 The rooster here is so much fun perched on the counter!

Jamie Gold, from
 The minty green tone in the pantry above is really something special.  You won't see this in too many homes, and it give this house an individual feeling.   If you were working in here you would be quite happy!

Kitchen Chalet, from
 The artwork in the pantry above is spectacular.  Love love these little guys marching along on their horses.  Makes for a very individualistic pantry.

Kathryn Long, ASID, from

 I love the combination of the wood shelves and the wainscoting on the back walls in this pantry. 
That wainscoting feels like a country farmhouse pantry in this space and makes you want to go right in there and cook!

Rob Kane - Kitchen Interiors - from
 The next one above is nice with the pass-thu space.  You could do a lot with a space like this!
It would be nice to have in any home.

Shiela Off, from
I just think the pantry above is beautiful.  Clean, elegant.  Well done!

Swanson, from
 How fun is this pantry with the red cabinets and the tree wallpaper?  What is so much fun about this pantry is that it makes a statement all on its own.  Welcome to the Pantry!  Love it.

Worthington Custom Builder, from
 This last one just shows what you can do with a small pantry space and how the lighting in the cabinetry and the glass gives it a more open feeling.  Great way to make the space seem larger.

This is all for now.  Which one was your favorite?

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